Location:      October, 2017 - Outside of Kamloops, BC

Runtime:      4mins 25s

Language:   N/A

Country:      Canada

Refuge is a one-shot short film captured on the DJI Inspire 2 and produced with funding support from the Canada Council for the Arts’ New Chapter grant program. Inspired by my parents’ flight from Afghanistan following the Russian invasion of the 1980s, Refuge reflects my interpretation of their story using the genre I know best: Science Fiction.


A 6-month pre-production phase, which included a 4-month construction schedule, precluded the 3-day production shoot outside of Kamloops, BC. The location itself was a stunning display of BC’s diverse landscape, the scouting of which was facilitated by the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission. Supporting actors were locally-cast from in and around the Thompson-Nicola region and included a diverse group with Aboriginal, Middle Eastern and Indian backgrounds.

This film is dedicated to those displaced by violence, hatred and war.

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Afghan-Canadian Filmmaker

Writer, Director, Producer

Vancouver, BC

For over five years I’ve been developing my own short films, all categorised squarely beneath the science fiction genre. It’s such a beautiful and malleable subsection of film that allows for each and every topic to be discussed and visualized in unique and creative ways.

Recently, the stories I’ve been creating are heavily-focused on culture and identity. As an Afghan-Canadian filmmaker, I’ve recently found myself questioning my place within the vast tapestry of our cultural mosaic. My parents escaped the war and violence of their time and offered me safe harbour to grow and develop. I am forever indebted to their struggles and telling their story by leveraging the science fiction framework is how Refuge came to be.

Refuge is by far my largest and most ambitious production, and with the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts’ once in a lifetime New Chapter grant program, I was able to collaborate with a wide skillset of talented artists to craft a visual image that represents my love for my parents and reflect my perspective within our society.

For your enjoyment,

Sina Sultani

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Pegah Taale
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Born in Shiraz, Iran - Pegah grew up speaking Farsi, Arabic, Turkish and English.

With a passion for acting and singing from a young age, her career started at 15 in the halls of her hometowns theatrical center.

At 17 she left Iran and travelled to Dubai to pursue her singing career and by 20 her first music video was released and quickly gained a foothold on the Iranian music scene.

As a woman living in an Islamic country, Pegah encountered many obstacles; women are not permitted to sing or act freely in front of the camera. Rather than allowing these obstacles to prevent her from pursuing her passion Pegah continued taking risks and released more music videos.

In 2014 she was forced to leave Iran and moved to Vancouver, Canada to begin her acting career. Graduating in 2018 from the full-time two year acting program at New Image College, she has appeared in several short films and stage productions including The Swan Song and The Knockouts.

Kalveen Tmana
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Kalveen is an actor, musician and fashion designer who has worked in the Vancouver film industry for many years in a variety of film, television and commercial productions.


He has studied music production and worked in the studio and recording industries in Los Angeles for a number of years and is currently working on a groundbreaking new solo album that will be released next year and promises to be a game changer!!



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